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Hello Students and Parents!
Welcome to my Page.  I am extremely blessed to teach for Hallettsville High School. This is my 6th year working in this school district.  I am originally from Dallas but have come to love the small-town culture and community.   I am a Special Education Coordinator and teach 4 resource classes.  I believe it is crucial to build positive relationships with today's youth.  My goal is to build confident young men and women so that they are prepared for success in the real world.  I am also the head volleyball coach for our outstanding Lady Brahmas.  We made school history in 2021, making it to the regional tournament.  Coaching is a huge passion of mine and my goal is to inspire those young ladies to push themselves and achieve a higher standard in their post-athletic and academic careers.  

I look forward to teaching the youth of today and will continue to use innovative and current techniques to apply to their individual goals.  
"Good things come to those who wait.  Greater things come to those who are willing to work for it."  
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