12 Powerful Words

The 12 Powerful words will be implemented consistently throughout our school district.  Students will be hearing these words used daily, learning about the word meanings, and hopefully using the words in their daily routines at school and at home.

According to Larry Bell, these 12 Powerful words help to increase test scores and help to close the achievement gap.  Many students become confused when these words are on a quiz or a test, so therefore, our goal is to help eliminate their intimidation.  Rather, we would like our students to better understand what each question means, become more familiar with higher order thinking skills, and to ultimately achieve better on tests.

To help support your child, please utilize these 12 Powerful words as much as possible.  Thanks for your support. 

        Word                                                          Short Student Friendly Phrases

        Trace                                                          Follow, track outline, list in steps
        Analyze                                                      Think through, break apart
        Infer                                                            Read between the lines
        Evaluate                                                      Judge
        Formulate                                                   Create
        Describe                                                     Tell about, show me, list details
        Support                                                       Back up with details
        Explain                                                       Tell how
        Summarize                                                 Give the short version
        Compare                                                    All the ways they are alike
        Contrast                                                     All the ways they are different
        Predict                                                       What will happen next