2018-2019 HHS Scholarships

Attached is the list of local scholarships and the eligibility criteria. 

The "Scholarship Fillable Form" is a "local" application form this year.  Save your general information and then just change the name of the scholarship for each application.  Keep a copy of each application for your records.  Turn in all completed forms to the counselor's office by date indicated in the instructions.

If the criteria page says there is an additional form (marked with **), it will be listed on the tab titled ADDITIONAL Scholarship Application Forms.  If you do not see one listed, contact the counselor.

The "Scholarship Return Check List" can be used to help you stay organized.  Use it to keep track of the scholarships for which you have applied.  Bring this to the counselor along with your completed apps.  Both student and counselor will sign off that they have been turned in/received.

Be sure to read the requirements for each scholarship CAREFULLY!!  Make note of the deadlines.  If you are not sure, contact the counselor.
Even if an essay is not required, you might consider writing something about yourself and your future plans so that the donor gets to know you a little bit better!!!  (Just a suggestion!)