Online College and Career Readiness Resource Center (OCCRRC)

The Texas Education Agency is excited to announce a new suite of college and career readiness tools available to districts and campuses.

The Online College and Career Readiness Center is live!

And it's ready for you to explore! Discover why college and career readiness is so important to the economy and world and learn how to build supportive partnerships.

The OCCRRC brings a wealth of features to your fingertips!  A friendly narrator takes you through the resource by providing guidelines, helpful hints, and highlighting topics of interest.  Videos can be viewed on their own or to support selected topics within the resource.

The list doesn’t end there! OCCRRC also includes:

  *   Multimedia graphics, film clips, and interactive activities
  *   250 free, current, and valuable resources
  *   “Stop and Think” activities to assist with local implementation strategies
  *   Student guides, checklists, tools, and more
  *   Counselor specific resources to guide building a college and career culture
  *   Social media ideas to connect with students
  *   Scholarship and financial aid tips
  *   Develop skills to assist students with special needs to succeed in postsecondary
  *   Assist students in foster care to become college and career ready

Start exploring the Online College and Career Readiness Resource Center! Visit<>.

The Online College and Career Readiness Resource Center is a comprehensive tool for college and career development in Texas, ranging from the broad “What does it mean to be college and career ready?” to the specific “Supporting First-in-Family College Attenders.” The OCCRRC provides over 250 free resources, videos, and interactive activities, along with the most current research and best practices available for college and career readiness.

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