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The PSAT scores for HHS Grades 10 &11 students who took the PSAT on Oct 12, 2022 will be released online during the first week of December 2022 by the CollegeBoard.

Students will need to log onto their College Board accounts to view their scores and use them to prepare for the SAT. Refer to the College Board Getting Scores site for all the information you need and a video as well.

Students should receive their original PSAT test booklets in their Language Arts class. If you would like to learn more about how to understand your scores and get tips for preparing for the SAT or need assistance with your College Board account, please visit with Ms. Weir or Ms. Strauss.

To understand your PSAT scores and how to link your test results with free Khan Academy practice tests tailored just for you and to prepare for the SAT, view this video by College Board site. In addition learn more information about practicing for the SAT on CollegeBoard as well.

National Merit Scholarship Program

The PSAT/NMSQT is the route of entry into the National Merit Scholarship Program for Juniors. Questions specific to National Merit Scholarship Program should be directed to the National Merit Scholarship Corporation or the CollegeBoard.