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  Welcome to Agriculture Science!!  I am excited for the 2015-2016 school year and I hope that all students are ready for a great new year.  I have outlined my courses below and you may access class info and documents by clicking on the corresponding class link.  

  I encourage all of the students enrolled in my classes to become active members of the Hallettsville FFA Chapter.  Mrs. Michalcik and I are the Hallettsville FFA Advisors and we want to invite students and parents to visit our FFA website www.hallettsville.ffanow.org .  Our goal is to make sure that every member has an opportunity to find an FFA activity that will help develop their potential for Premier Leadership, Personal Growth, and Career Success through Agricultural Education and FFA.

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Heath Ressler
Agricultural Science Department
Hallettsville FFA Advisor
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2015-2016 Class Schedule
1st Period - Food Processing
2nd Period - Advanced Animal Science
3rd Period - Professional Standards in Ag Business
4th Period - Livestock Production
5th Period - Planning
6th Period - Conference (12:48 - 1:37)
7th/8th Period - Ag Mechanics